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Head to any other public space in this vibrant city, you can chat with strangers, with your friends or family, yell something inaudibly across the street. ’ badges seem to have been handed out across the network, in the style Transport for London’s popular ‘Baby on Board’ badges. You’ll benefit from a daily chat,’ the attached leaflet announced. Those Youtube videos where a carriage gets together and sings on their way home for Christmas are always doing the rounds, why can’t we all be so chatty every day?

I wanted to find out, and I needed a badge to take with me.

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After calling the TFL press office to find out where I could nab a chat badge, a bloke down the phone told me that they weren’t official merch, so I grabbed a pair of scissors to make my own. I don’t fancy my chances as I tap in at Old Street during the evening rush hour.

There’s plenty of people around, pushing through the throngs of city workers and East London freelance types.

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“No, I don’t have time to talk to you,” he almost spits back. As the doors slide shut, I notice people checking out the badge.

Jonathan Dunne, aged 42 and originally from Colorado, had 500 badges made up in the style of Tf L's famous Baby on Board badge with an accompanying leaflet, after attempting to plan an event celebrating the Rio Olympics at work made him realise how isolated the city could be.

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